Wingsuit Landings and the British Weather

Photograph by Karen Sutton from Limelight Design & Marketing Limited

Well, in case you have been living in another planet or you haven’t heard, British Stuntman and BASE jumper Gary Connery is about to attempt the first wingsuit landing without opening a parachute, in the world.

If this doesn’t seem EPIC for you, you might need to revise your standards. In a world where pretty much all the frontiers have been conquered by man, this one seems to remain one of the last feats and long time dreams of man to be accomplished.

Portraited in the nice picture here on the side is Gary Connery in his long wait for the British weather window that will allow him to make history.

As part of my of my photography and video projects for this year I have been in negotiations with Mrs. & Mr. Connery in an attempt to make a feature documentary that would capture the essence of the man behind this attempt. Click for the jump and get to know the exciting news…

This project involved a few interviews and a quite complex camera setup fhe landing day with 8x GoPro cameras, 5x DSLR Canon 5D MarkIIs and Nikon D7000 remotely operated and full size Broadcast camera and operator. A lot of planning went into this as you can see by some of the 3D camera studies below, that will also give you a pretty good idea of the crazyness of what is going to happen, but unfortunately I was finally put out of the game by some much bigger fish.

I am definitely out of the game but having the chance of being there… I wouldn’t miss this for anything.

It all seems to be happening tomorrow…the 23rd of May 2012.

Therefore, yours truly here, is going to drive to Henley on Thames to help build the box setup and who knows, be part of history… And in between, maybe snap a few frames for my history! Keep tuned…

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    Wow! Today’s the day?? Don’t forget to keep up updated! 🙂

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