BUCKET LIST: Land the Wingsuit Without Deploying the Parachute – Gary Connery, DONE

Full galery, HERE.
Gary Connery just tenths of a second before touching down and making the first successful wingsuit landing of mankind history.

48h ago was a GOOOOOD DAY!!

Well!!! If you are reading this, is simply because he really did it! I still cannot believe my memories and often have to reccur to my galleries so that my brain reminds it and the memory sticks as a real one! More after the jump…

Gary Connery is without any doubt a true LEGEND. When I think through the levels of commitment required to actually pull it off… I’m still overwelmed by a feeling I cannot truly understand.The truth is that in fairness he had been training for a while now, and after seeing him flying the suit in the morning I realised it was perfectly possible… But! There is always that remote BUT! And when no one has show you the way before, the brain has misteries that are hard to understand and can literally freeze one up at the worst moment.

Anyway, on Tuesday evening I received a text from my dear friend and adventure colleague Daniel Hunt saying: “Dude, the wingsuit landing is hapening tomorrow.”… And that was it! I was sold, SOLD, SOLD! I had to go! I so I did , and the imagery result speaks better thatn my words… Specially at this time of the night! Please check the links below.. They are being updated by the hour with new photos and videos.

1. Main gallery of Gary Connery Landing the Wingsuit

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