Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team Volunteering and using media skills to HELP


This year has been as people say around here… FULLLL ON!! I’ve started the year with the resolution of joining Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team for many reasons.But the main reason is…

…that I’ve been been sharing the mountains for many years now (almost 20!!) with many old and new friends… And in more than one occasion had to use my mountaneering skills to give assistance, guidance or even care to people in distress in this beautiful but hostile environment that mountains are. Every time I did it it felt strangely good. So I decided to seek some more of that. Helping others! One must say it is also selfish, as I’m in search of something that feels good to me… But from my point of view, if the people benefiting from it is more than just me, it is already worth it.

So that is the story… In paralel with the foundation year training, quite busy by the way, I’ve been even more busy producing the first of a series of films that aim at helping the future members and hopefully provide some additional advice to fellow mountaineers.

Here it is… Amazing and friendly Mal stripping both his pack as wel as his clothes for your learning pleasure.Mal has been with CBMRT (http://www.cbmrt.org.uk/) for about 10 years… So you might pick a thing or two to use on your travels and adventures in the hostile mountains of the world.

Leave me a comment on your thoughts on this but even more on ideas for future films that can be useful for not just us. No idea is a bad idea… Fire away!!

Read a bit, smile a little, watch a bit, inspire your world, drop a comment, stay a while…

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    Excellent topic! Great video and presentation. Thank you.

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