Senza Regole “No Rules” – The Sailing & Highline Dream Project – TRAILER IS OUT!



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I know that this has been promised for a while, but the last few months have seen some great change in my life that have both inspired me but also taken me a whole lot  of that precious time.

Meanwhile, and while we wait for the full story, I just couldn’t resist and hold to this anymore.

It has been out and live for a few days now and in ways it has already made the rounds… But in case you haven’t seen it yet… Turn your speakers on, crank that volume and let yourself dream, as that was exactly what we allowed ourselves to do!

I truly hope that you get inspired by the amazing atmosphere and people that made this project come true.

Enjoy… And if you like it, SHARE IT! It means the world to me and helps to keep this space going and with a purpose.

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