pedropimentel.net-feeling-grateful 5…Nicely packed in a mail gift! I present you: “Montagnes Extrêmes, Photographes D’Alexandre Buisse”

Today I was happily surprised by a breath of mountain fresh air nicely packed in a mail gift!

There it was in front of my eyes, Montagnes Extrêmes, the new book from friend and awesome fellow climbing photographer Alexandre Buisse. I had seen it on his release blog post, and have to say I was immediately  very curious to put my hands on one. For glimpse of the inside and more on how this one landed on my door hit the jump button.

I guess I must have wished very strongly for one to land at my door!

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I was even more surprised when I got to page 4, and found the first picture of the book was actually from yours truly here, and was very proud for a few seconds. The picture shows Alex at work in our favourite environment, the vertical void. It was taken during the Verdon Highline meeting as Alex was shooting super athlete Mich Kemeter as he climbed the 300m walls of this awesome location.

As photographers we always struggle to have good pictures of us at work… Hence I’ve even proposed to Alex once to make an ascent/expedition of two photographers. Maybe one day… “The story in front and behind the camera” it could be called!

Because I always appreciate when other photographer friends take some good quality, and skilfully framed images of me at work, and end up sending them over, this time I thought I could pay it back for once. So, I emailed a few to Alex, far from imagining that he would find such a honourable use for one of them.

Anyway, the book is beautifully crafted and with some amazing quality prints protected by a hard cover.

Get a sneak peak of the book in Alex’s dedicated page here. 

If you are looking for a perfect adventure gift look no further and stop wasting your time.

This is pure inspiration to go and live your dreams or to suggest and push someone else to do the same.

You can get it in the bellow links for France FNAC, Gibert, Amazon FR or Amazon UK.

You better hurry as I’ve heard some have sold out!

At the moment, the book is available through Amazon FR and Amazon UK, which both ship internationally, though with some delay. French readers can also find it in other bookstores, e.g. FNACAlplib and Gibert.

Merry Christmas everyone…



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    Esta deixou o teu pappy FELIZZZZ por ti!…És o MAIOR…mas há qe se dê conta por esse mundo!….Bom mesmo receber isto no meio da minha incerteza de dias!…Da Portucel aguardo…ou seja nada resolvido de vida e relógio a contar!… Beijooo

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