Adventure Sports Photography Talk @ Up and Under Shop


Adventure Sports Photography Talk @ Up and Under Climbing Shop

I had the utmost pleasure of giving my Adventure Sports Photography Talk at the Climbing and all round outdoor sports shop in Cardiff just before my move to New Zealand. This is the recording from the Live Broadcast through Youtube Live Stream, something that I totally recommend and you can find more info on how to do it here. A great way to share content and experiences with a much wider audience.

The talk went through the stories behind some of my images and my now long journey pursuing photography and film documenting of world class athletes at the top of their games in sports like climbing, mountaineering, skydiving, BASE jumping, skiing, snowboarding and others.

It is a bit long but the feedback returned said it was good fun to watch. Specially my staged entrance! Check it out.

If you get to watch it I hope you enjoy my Adventure Sports Photography Talk @ Up and Under Shop.

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