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The Lines of Light Project – [Slideshow + Video]

An Adventure Photography, Highlining, Silks Aerials and Fire Poy Orgy! It is Saturday, 21st June 2014… My home adventure photography studio floor is completely covered with boxes and crates of film, photography, lighting and highlining equipment. I am about to be picked up by “The Aerial Addicts”, a group of aerial performers specialising in highlining

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Senza Regole “No Rules” – The Sailing & Highline Dream Project – TRAILER IS OUT!

    I know that this has been promised for a while, but the last few months have seen some great change in my life that have both inspired me but also

60sec Dynamic Portrait of Tom Benzon “Musician”

60 seconds Dynamic Portrait – Tom Benzon “Musician” from Pedro Pimentel Visuals on Vimeo.   I know it’s been a while since I last been here, but my life has seriously been hijacked for the past few months with some life changing events! Am starting to try to slowly get back on track with my

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